As we continue to experience massive changes in business across the nation and the world, we can no longer afford to work with our clients on strategic development without including strategic training at every step of the way.  

Often, we might think of training for employees as defined by the plan that is being developed. But providing strategic training during all stages of the strategic planning process is advantageous. It can be a game changer at every stage and for everyone because it helps bring forth innovative ideas and improves our understanding of how the company can pivot when necessary. 

Strategic planning is a process. Learning the process will help your client and their team maximize the resources of their business. As corporate leaders, they need to be able to effectively formulate skills to achieve business goals and improve productivity.  

As a consultant, you want the group you are consulting to be able to provide input and decide on solutions. Getting them to the point of developing a strategic plan and making decisions on strategy is part of your success.  

To do this, strategic training is essential, so they understand the process and can keep up with the process during the development and implementation.  

Finding the Balance between Strategic Training and Strategic Planning

The role you play as a consultant is the leader through the process. Your client and their team bring the problem-solving framework and expertise of their business to you. In turn, you are a key driver in helping them get to a resolution efficiently and effectively. 

It is important that you clarify it is not your role to just show up to answer their problems. At the same time, you do not want to spend all your time training on the process. Therefore, get clear on what training is necessary and additional training that can be game changing. 

One of the simplest reasons for strategic training is to reinforce basic concepts to get the process moving and bring the team focus. However, there are many key factors to consider: 

All training and development activities should always help to accomplish organizational goals. You want to quickly align the team with the organizational goals, while helping them to see how different management and department goals should support the overall company. 

Training should tie individual learning needs to business results. While improving performance should always be top of mind, go deeper by giving them a better sense of purpose and ensuring that job roles and everyday work are driving business success. 

Acknowledge whether training can address the most important performance issues. Reduce the tendency to depend on training alone for performance. Develop the mindset about what impact the company wants to make and how that connects with the company culture.  

Supporting Your Clients with Strategic Training

When consulting, you want to find a balance between training and planning. While you help your client and their team make strategic development decisions, you do not want to spend unnecessary time and resources relaying key concepts. Instead, your time is better spent working on strategic development.  

Sometimes it is more efficient and effective to refer your clients to great training resources in the strategic planning process. We recommend you consider IBC Academy, which offers online training resources such as The Strategic Planning Toolkit and 7 Strategies of Highly Effective Branding courses. These courses can get your clients and their team prepared to go deep into your sessions, so you do not have to waste time teaching them about the concepts and process.  

The courses provide strategic planning knowledge and skills for leaders and managers at all levels. They are ideal for your clients to get prepared with the planning and implementation of a strategic plan with online courses that are self-paced, so they can absorb the concepts.

When you use the Profit Enhancer Analysis to track your progress in developing strategy with your client, you will be amazed at how the results are improved when your client and their team are engaged in strategic training at the IBC Academy.