With Profit Enhancer consultants can

Show Value

A predictive model tool that provides a detailed evaluation of a business designed for The Consultant to use.

Identify Revenue

Evaluate a companies position for Growth, Profitability & Sustainability based on 5 principle areas.

Communicate Gaps

A diagnostic tool that allows the consultant to Identify and Communicate specific gaps for the Client

Revolutionizing the way Consultants …Consult

This tool enhances the performance and the efficiency of the Consultant…. Optimizing Results …Driving the Customer Experience.

The Current Market

There are over 2 M documented Consultants in the U.S. The consulting industry yields on average $250 B of revenue in the U.S. Ernst & Young one of the largest consumers of consultants paid out $250 M in 2014. Deloitte one of the 2nd largest consumers of consultants paid $190 M in 2014. Corporate outsourcing is on the rise, on-boarding of consultants reached 50% of staffing ratio. Studies found 1 in 4 new hires leave within 6 months.

Consultants are in Demand…

Department of Labor reports by 2018 there will be an 82% increase in use of consultants.

The Profit Enhancer using Custom Algorithms!

  • Business Development evaluates the companies strategic plan matched to their actions, behavior patterns and the business model.
  • Financial Ability evaluates the companies goals & expectations regarding revenue generating activity and profit margins
  • Marketing evaluates the companies touch points, industry positioning and marketing ROI against their client acquisition trends.
  • Human Capital evaluates the companies team structure, behavior, customer retention and engagement rates**
  • Technology evaluates the companies ability to streamline processes and leverage technology for positioning.

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